How To Date Someone Who Is A LOT Older Than You

Dating someone who is a lot older than you will usually mean about 5-15 years in age. When you are 18 years old, dating someone who is only 5 years older than you is a pretty big deal, while when you’re 25, it is not really at all. As a general rule of thumb, relationships seem to work out better when the man is older, but a relationship between a younger man and an older woman is sure to be very refreshing.
Dating someone who is a lot older than you is just not for everyone. If you are only in tune with people your age and the newest music, you might not be able to find much in common with someone who grew up a decade before you.

Someone who is older than you might have a lot of experience. If you are a girl, it is acceptable for you to be inexperienced. But when a man is unskilled and inexperienced he will not know how to please an older woman, especially one that might be divorced.

Consider your motivations when you are dating. Do you think you think you might be close to finding “The One”? Or are you content with short-term relationships? In many cases, someone who is older than you will want more out of a relationship. You might end up dating someone who has children of their own from a previous relationship. Are you willing to become a father or mother figure for this child?
A partner who is a few years older will have had more time to advance in their careers. It is highly likely that they have more money than people in lower age groups. This often means more sophisticated dates. It might be sweet to go to a fast food restaurant and a movie with someone your age, but going on a cruise for the weekend with someone who is older is so much sweeter.

If you are mature for your age you might just be dissatisfied with people in your age group. You may even already have older friends. Having friends who are older than you will be a big key in getting along with an older date. You will be able to get more connections and become comfortable around people who are much older.

You will have to work a little bit harder to impress someone who is older than you. Become settled in your future plans; get a clear idea of where your career is going and strive to become the best you can be. Explore new tastes and think of places to go on dates that would be good enough for someone older than you. Get to know the hottest bars in town and get used to going out at some of the classier restaurants in the area- yes, the ones that use real cloth napkins.

Know how to date with a bit of class. Watch classic movies, and educate yourself so you will have plenty to talk about on your dates. Observe the world around you and start living in a more mature state of mind. Your date will certainly be impressed.