How to Handle the Bar Scene

If you’ve ever devoted any effort to picking up women, chances are you’ve hit up a few bars in your lifetime.  Bars are, in a way, both the best and worst places to pick up women.  They’re great because the grand majority of women are there specifically to meet guys, which means that they’ll be a lot more open to your advances.  However, because bars are essentially meat markets, competition for a woman’s attention can be pretty steep, which makes a lot of guys choke.
This combination of opportunity and challenge makes bars the best places to gain field experience, if you’re serious about improving your game.  According to legendary pick up guru David DeAngelo, if you can master picking up women in bars, you’ll be ready to apply your skills anywhere, at any time.  We’ve got some great advice on maneuvering the bar scene, straight from the master himself.
Relax–it’s just a bar!
Bars exist for one purpose, and one purpose only, in human society:  to relax and have fun.  Don’t get tense and worry about your appearance, or the impression you’re making, or whatever–women can smell fear better than a pack of wolves, and are far less attracted by it.  Chill out!  Have a few drinks, chat with people, and above all, enjoy yourself.  Remember, women are there to have a good time, and they want to talk to guys who are having a good time, too–not nervous wrecks on the verge of peeing themselves out of sheer terror.
Bars are great places to experiment, according to DeAngelo.  You don’t have to worry about screwing up on your first approach; there are plenty of other women around if you just can’t get the first one on your list to warm up.  So don’t be afraid of trying out new techniques–there’s no safer place than a bar or club to test that pick up line or joke you just thought up.  The awesome thing about bars is, you’ve got as many chances as you need, right up till last call.
Be an extrovert
It only makes sense; if you want to pick up women, you have to talk to them.  Forget what your parents always said, and talk to strangers.  Much as we like to think that we live in a modern, liberated society, gender roles are still very much in effect when it comes to dating, and girls will expect you to make the first move.
And what should this first move be, you may ask?  DeAngelo and other experts have a lot of advice, but we can boil it all down to a few key elements.  First is confidence, which, to an extent, will arise naturally from being relaxed, but which you can also work on using the information in our Members’ Section.  Second is cocky comedy. Almost every example in the video uses some sort of cocky funny routine.  We’ve devoted an entire area of the site to this all-important concept, and you should definitely give it a browse; while it may take some practice to get good at cocky comedy, experience shows that it’s one of the most effective techniques for picking up women.  Lastly, control.  You’ll notice that in all of the examples discussed, the PUA maintains control of the conversation–not by monopolizing it, but by directing it towards appropriate topics, setting himself up to deliver lines, and avoiding subjects that aren’t constructive.  This is another complicated subject, but don’t worry; we’ve got plenty of additional info on it, too.
This is all a lot to digest in one sitting, but just remember:  be confident, be in control, and use cocky comedy.  Check out the video for some more illustrations from David DeAngelo and other pick up experts.  And if you want the real secrets for picking up women, in bars or anywhere, head over to our Members’ Section.  We’ve created a full master’s course with everything you could possibly need to meet and attract the women you want.  So what’s holding you back?  Time waits for no man.