Attract Women

So you know what women want, you know how to talk to women, and overall, you are beginning to understand them better. Congratulations! You can attract women! All the previous articles up to this point are there to make you more attractive to women; from realizing your full potential to giving you techniques that you could use immediately.

What you are about to learn now is, sort of, the icing on the cake. Although they are more advanced techniques, I consider them to be optional. Because you do not necessarily need them to achieve good results. However, using them can take you from good results to great results!

Breaking rapport is an all time favorite. It is one of the most powerful things you could do to build attraction. Rapport is when two or more people agree on something. They have a sense of mutual understanding and therefore have built a connection with one another. A lot of guys will get comfortable in the conversation and never break rapport. Because breaking rapport would mean to break that comfortable connection and trust you have established with the girl. And as an outcome you will lose any attraction that you have built. Wrong. It’s actually quite the opposite.

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Take a moment and imagine what it is like to be a hot woman. You are always being approached by nodding, smiling men. You potentially can do nothing wrong. You might say that you love yoga or soap operas or even Sex and the City. The guy will agree and tell you how he thinks everything you do is great. Even though you know there are things he shouldn’t like about you. Lets say that he goes to give you a compliment. It is going to feel fake and it wont be worth as much.

So the solution to this is to break rapport. But do not break rapport on something that she is very passionate about. Don’t call her love for ballet lame. Instead, break it on something small. Saying something like, You like Twilight?! I fell asleep ten minutes into the movie, it was so boring. You know, you have the cutest smile, especially when you are all riled up…Now, when you actually go to compliment her, she knows it will be genuine. Because you are not agreeing just to force a connection. In fact, you are saying what you mean; whether it be disagreeing with her or expressing your own views. She will quickly realize you are a person that is honest and therefore someone she can trust.

Another way to build attraction is to brag, the right way. Lets consider two similar, but different types of guys. Both of them are successful. They have nice houses, a $300,000 car, and typically they live great lives. Now lets consider how they act on a date. Guy one might talk about his car, how much it cost, how rich he is, how great of a life he has, etc. Guy two never mentions any of those attributes. In fact, she might even ask him what car he drives. Instead of revealing how great of a car he has, he might reply with,  Oh I cant afford a car. I actually have a 6-speed. I am getting the tricycles taken off next week. And then later on in the night, she sees him pulling away in his $300,000 car.

As you can see, he doesn’t need to brag and talk himself up in order to get the girl. A man who is great with women doesn’t need to rely on those things to attract her. Now of course being successful or great at something can definitely be attractive. However, letting a woman find these things out on her own can really dial up the attraction. Plus, acting like you are better then everyone is not only unattractive to women, but people in general.

Another great way to keep her on her toes is to challenge her. Challenges are a way to establish that you are the selector. You make the decision whether or not you want to take the interaction any further. You choose her, not the other way around.

A great time to challenge women is after you’ve established rapport. Or better yet, after you have broken rapport. Men always settle. Rarely will you find a man with a take it or leave it attitude. If a man knows that a hot woman is interested in him, even though she doesn’t quite meet up to his standards, more than likely he’ll take it. But if you could be one of those guys that really doesn’t care about the outcome, women will pick up on this, and it will be uniquely attractive. So why not challenge her! Let her know that she can’t just get by on her looks. Here are a few examples:

  • Do you smoke?
  • Other than your looks, what do you think is your most attractive quality?
  • Are you adventurous?
  • Beauty is common. What makes you different then all the other girls?

Those are just a few of many ways you could challenge a girl. This is why you should write down the qualities that you look for in a woman. Then create questions based on that criteria.

These are a few of the more advanced techniques in attracting women. To find out more, simply subcribe and/or check out our other articles for more information.