Erotic massage for women

Erotic massage for ladies is not too different in general. Differences do not touch the main principles and only go in details and erotic zones. The main female erogenous zones are the chest, hair, toes (same for men), and arms. Surely, such zones as the abdomen, especially it’s a lower part, and buttocks are also very important.  Our masseuses, when massaging your back, pay special attention to the sides and waist. After that, they carefully massage the abdomen.

Breast massage is what differs women erotic massage. The female breast is more sensitive than the male one, so our specialists pay more attention to it. This also dictates special care, since the zone is one of the most sensitive. Thereby, it is necessary to prevent unpleasant sensations here. The chest should be stroked in a circular motion and without much pressure. Separate attention should be paid to the lower chest region.

Intimate places

Soft and rhythmic movements of the fingers are especially used in this zone. Since powerful zones differ a lot in different people, our masseuses do a search to find areas that are particularly responsive to affection. After that, it is possible to provide a more intense impact on them. Erotic massage is a special art, which needs experience – not theory only. Visit to learn more, because professional approach helps to come closer to perfection in intimate life.