Getting a Better Understanding About the Types of Affairs

With things becoming more demanding and challenging, people do not find themselves at the right place even if they are. They tend to look out for various other options that actually make them happy or satisfied. The case is very much similar when it comes to indulge into any kind of affair. When people have an affair, it clearly indicates they are being through some kind of problems in a relationship. The reasons or the problems can either be about an argument that has been left unresolved or it might be the case where the partners want some change or space in their lives but are afraid of its consequences.

The reasons behind having affairs can be any, but it is also backed by an effective solution if things are approached in a systematic manner. There are almost five types of affairs through which people could go. My writing might hurt your feeling, but my intention is not to cause more pain rather it is to bring more understanding to what has happened that led you here and which might serve as a healing point.

First kind of affair is known as opportunistic infidelity and it is one of the most common types. Under this type of affair, the partner is very much into love with his/her better half and is loyal to the marriage, but the temptation of experiencing another relationship gives it up. This form of cheating with a partner is usually unplanned by the perpetrator as it just happens by a chance. Under this type the partner at fault is usually scared of being caught rather than going through the guilt of cheating on with the wife or husband.

Second type of affair is called obligatory affair which is fear driven. Here, the spouse loves his or her better half a lot, but moves back with a fear of rejection. And, such people end up doing things that keeps him or her away from rejection. For instance, a man desires to have one mistress only because his colleagues have one. So, in order to be with people and avoid rejection, people end up doing in which they were not interested. This type of affair can certainly be avoided by giving a boos to your confidence level and making others realize that you don’t care about others.

Third form of affair is called emotional affair which is usually caused due to the guilty spouse’s insufficient love and attachment with other partner. Here, the spouse at fault looks out for the one who could fill up his empty life. This type of affair is often driven by need and does not lasts long.
Fourth form of affair is known as conflicted romantic infidelity. This form of affair arises in the case when the one spouse seems to found his or her true love and sexual desire in someone else than his wife or her husband. It sounds to be the most troubling one of all.

Lastly, it is the commemorative type of infidelity which is very common among rich and famous people. They fall into this trap because of their forced and committed marriage in which the spouse does not gives enough love or affection to the other.

The reasons of having an affair or cheating the other partner can be any, but the importance of every relationship lies in the fact that it should move towards strengthening rather worsening it. A small step taken by you to improve your relationship and finding out the areas where it went wrong and mending them to get your partner back can do wonders. So, find out the reasons that made your partner to have an affair and work upon them to get your spouse back in your life.