Relationship Help For Couples and Families

Food shows love in the most unique way. A meal can transport a person to the time when they felt safe and warm. Taking time to prepare something for a loved one requires time, planing and patience. Going on this journey with a partner opens the relationship with opportunities for growth and sharing.

What to Make?

Considering the options available, people receiving a homemade, romantic meal almost never find the gesture empty. The only wrong answers revolve around personal tastes, dietary restrictions and lifestyle choices. For some, a huge slab of beef cooked over an open fire is the pinnacle of care. But a practicing vegetarian would view the offering as an affront. A key is to be aware of a partner’s preferences and tastes.

Simple and Challenging Options

Chicken: A versatile ingredient with a long history of accepting a variety of cooking styles and sauces while pairing with several side dishes.
Simple: Roasted Leg Quarter-A well seasoned quarter roasted in the oven with the skin and bone locks in moisture and flavor.
Challenging: Chicken Cordon Bleu-The contrasts of a ham and cheese stuffed chicken breasts offers a palette of flavors and displays a level of sophistication.

Seafood: A light main course when prepared properly gives an indication of a cook’s skill and flair.
Simple: Pan Seared Scallops-This firm shellfish remains tender and accepts a light, garlic butter sauce while bursting with natural flavor
Challenging: Seafood Stew with Cod and Shrimp-A dish requiring time and attention to mingle the subtle spices while keeping the individual ingredients from losing their integrity.

Vegetarian: A well designed meatless meal for those whose diet excludes animal proteins demonstrates creativity and willingness to think outside the box.
Simple: Mushroom Tart-Earthy flavors served on a light, flaky crust and topped with goat cheese provides a tasty and filling main course for a romantic evening.
Challenging: Hot Italian Peppers Stuffed with Herb Risotto-A layered dish demonstrates a melding of textures while offering a break from more routine vegetarian fare.

Pasta: An all in one meal focusing on the balance of simple, fresh ingredients to create a display of care greater than the sum of its parts.
Simple: Pasta Carbonara-While easy to view this as a simple bowl of pasta, a powerful impression is made in proper cooking and sauce presentation.
Challenging: Lasagna-Preparation is where romance is generated in this dish as pasta, tomato sauce, cheese and meat or vegetables meld into a single mouthful of love.

Dessert: Romance and creativity can be encapsulated in the sweetness of the final course.
Simple: Berry Cobbler-Fresh berries, sugar, butter and flour combine to wrap a couple in a warm hug chilled with only a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
Challenging: Chocolate Lava Cake-The first ingredient screams romance and its decadence only increases as heat transforms it into lava form.

Food links people. Couples can share meaningful conversations over a well planned meal. The important thing to remember is it is not the cost, time or fanciful foods causing the greatest impact. It is the implicit care placed into the meal. The same care elevates a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich through the infusion of love.