Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day is that magical day that comes around once a year that puts a man’s romantic side to the test. What? You don’t have a romantic side? Don’t sweat it. This day of love can make or break a relationship, but with these tips, you won’t go wrong.
When in doubt, buy a gift
Does your girlfriend celebrate V-day or does she detest it? Yes, it is true: some women hate this holiday with fiery passion. Without giving anything away, how do you find out? Well, you don’t. Here’s what you do, though. Find a meaningful gift for her, whether it is a card with a nice note inside, a gift certificate to a spa, or those Valentine favorites, the homemade coupons (“good for one backrub/car wash/dinner”). Hide it in your pocket until you feel confident giving it to her. But if she brings up how much she hates this “Hallmark holiday,” you are probably better off keeping it in your pocket until her birthday.
Speaking of gifts, avoid dolls, balloons, and boxes of chocolate
Unless your honey specifically requests these items, it is best to avoid them. These items reek of “I forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so I stopped at the grocery store on the way over.” Just don’t go there.
Make reservations weeks in advance…or better yet, cook at home
This is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. Because of this, do not count on slipping into a restaurant at 8:00 p.m. and being seated anytime before morning. Call ahead. However, if you are seeking a romantic atmosphere, a crowded restaurant may not be the way to go. Instead, try honing your kitchen skills.
Even if you don’t celebrate, spend time together
Just because she loathes this holiday, it doesn’t mean she wants to (or should) spend it alone. Make a pact to not say the V-word, while still celebrating your love (or hey, even you like ) for each other. Watch a movie, bake cookies, go shopping, anything where you can be together.
Over-the-top cheesiness is best
Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, the cheesiest holiday of the year. It is based around love, hearts, sappy poems, flowers, and all that other delightfully gushy stuff. Quit running from this fact and just embrace it. Take any idea and mock it, make it ridiculous. Are you thinking of making dessert? Bake heart-shaped cookies. Want to give her flowers? Leave a trail of petals throughout the house. This is the time of year when silly really works in your favor.
One good cliché: flowers
Unless she has allergies or an aversion to harmful plucking of innocent plants, she will love receiving flowers. Ever since middle school, when young girls desperately hoped to receive a single rose from their crush, women have always hoped (albeit, secretly) to get a beautiful bouquet on this particular day. Be sure you are aware of her feelings, however, before delivering them to her office. While many women would fall in love with a man who brought her flowers, other women feel it is inappropriate or unprofessional. It is best to tread lightly and have them sent to her home.