What Women Really Look For In A Man

Why, in 2019, are we asking ourselves what women look for in a man? After all these years, is it not possible that men don’t know the answer yet?

In the movie, «What Women Want,» a man began to learn what women really do want. And, it wasn’t anything like he thought it would be. In this movie, Mel Gibson played a man who (because of a strange electrocution accident which resulted in a slight head injury) is able to hear what goes on inside women’s heads. He is shocked and confused by what he hears because it is so unlike what he thought women were thinking.

Gibson found out that women want men to listen to them when they talk. He found out that women are not bowled over by good looks or great bodies. He found out that women are strong and opinionated and not bound to fall for the tricks that men pull.

So, what are women looking for? They are looking for men who are honest and caring. They are looking for a man who can listen to them without staring a hot babe who happens to walk by. They are looking for men who are independent thinkers, powerful yet not overbearing, and treat them as equals.

Note that I made no mention of men with money, men with muscles, or men with hot cars! Women are not looking for this. However, as Marilyn Monroe once said, «Don’t you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty? You wouldn’t marry a girl just because she’s pretty, but my goodness, doesn’t it help?»
So, if you are a kind, gentles, generous, considerate, trustful, trusting, attentive man – you’ve got the goods. If you are all of those things and have a great body, a nice car, and a pocketful of cash, well yes it does help!