How To Know If She Is Attracted To You

Have you been wondering if she is attracted to you?  If so, the good news is there are signs that will tell you she likes you. Everybody is different and as easy as a checklist of actions would be, the checklist for each female will not be the same. It is better to begin with some general understanding and a well honed ability to pay attention to another. Beyond that there are some simple things to keep an eye out for.
Know how to take a hint
When you are interacting with anyone you can often determine fairly easily if the individual is receptive to you. That can be refreshing and invigorating, especially coming from someone that you are interested in. When you speak to the individual maybe they turn and face you and smile. That is a good beginning. It is attention and affirmation.
Once the words begin flowing there are more general tale-tells. Where is the individual’s attention? Are they looking at you? Are they continuing to smile? When you ask a question do they reply at length and in a way that welcomes more conversation? Are they curt and offer closure?
These are hints that she is attracted to you. You should also keep in mind that everyone is different though. Some people might sit or stand with someone they adore and never volunteer a word or be too embarrassed to look at them.
What you may find is that regardless of whether she is attracted to you, at some point you may realize the individual is simply not offering what you are wanting. If things do continue to progress. The intimacy may become more physical and ultimately it may become increasingly obvious whether she likes you. It is usually easier to determine if some individuals like you based on knowledge of their past interactions.
Pay close attention to her actions!
It is true sometimes there is so much ambiguity and wishing or one of the other that a checklist is just what any man or woman may want. So, what may be some symptoms of the ‘likingness’ she may have contracted for you? There are a few common things to help you determine if she is attracted to you, but use these with caution since each individual is different.
You’ll know she is when she shows an increased focus on you. This may include eye contact, listening intently and getting close to you. This is also common in those who test positive for “is she attracted to you” and can be noted by her proximity. In the event that these tests reveal a yes to “is she attracted to you” consider verifying these other warning signs before making an official diagnosis. Does she touch you repeatedly and welcome physical contact from you? Has she said your name? If these are all present there is the possibility. Proceed with care.
Just keep in mind that even if a woman gives off signs that suggest a powerful “yes” to your “is she attracted to me?” question, taking the next step will still be a challenge. The moment you know that a girl likes you, it’s game on!
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